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David in The Media

David Gowan: Border Security

I know what goes on around the border. That’s why I sponsored S.B. 1070 which gave law enforcement the tools they needed to protect Arizonans. WATCH to learn more.

Gowan: Leader We Need

Arizona needs someone in Washington who will stand up for the conservative values of our great state. I'm excited to release this TV ad to let all Arizonans know I am ready to work for a stronger economy, a secure border and less government interference.

Leading Arizona's Comeback

Things are changing. With Gowan as Speaker of the Arizona House, Arizona is the #1 state for Second Amendment rights and a national leader in protecting the unborn. We need a proven conservative who will bring our Arizona values to Washington D.C.


I have an A+ Rating from the NRA for delivering Constitutional Carry in Arizona. I have and will always fight for our Second Amendment rights. LIKE/SHARE if you’re with me.
Protecting our borders is the most important job we give to Washington. It's time they start enforcing current laws and secure the border. SHARE if you stand with me for no amnesty.
Thank you greatly to my team for working through the night to get these signs up around our district!

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